Turn your customers into your best marketers.

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Discover how a small change can make a big impact.

How to MeeWee Your Marketing

Keep your email platform. Just add a MeeWee Link.

Make a measurable impact across your marketing programs

With a small change in your email campaigns, you can:

  • Drive LOYALTY
  • Increase EMAIL engagement and ROI
  • Decrease cost for AFFILIATE revenue
  • More sustainable than traditional REFERRAL programs
  • Easier to manage, with higher credibility than INFLUENCER solutions
  • Create authenticity within SOCIAL networks 

“There is nothing more powerful than a customer talking about my brand”

– CMO of Specialty Retailer

Let's give them something to talk about.

Let your best customers share their love of your brand.

Beyond referrers and influencers, Customer Brand Advocates offer authenticity. Authenticity creates trust and trust leads to community. Imagine driving all that from your emails. 

What's Possible with MeeWee

Building Brand Affinity Through Email Marketing

Brand Discovery

Introduce your brand to new customers

Brand Engagement

Deepen your customer relationships 

Brand Activation

Acquire new customers

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Turn your customers into your best marketers.

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