Achievable Goals: Behavior-based tweaks to your marketing

by Liz at MeeWee December 1st, 2020
Are you there, motivation? It's me, Liz.

Motivation on hiatus?

Just trying to get through the day? 

I get it.

2020 has been a brutal year. And yet, as marketers it’s still our job to keep going, keep tinkering, keep delighting our customers who are also struggling to get through this year. 

So where do we start when we’re already drowning in daily work?

Make one change. Take a tiny step. That’s it.

I know this advice isn’t rocket science, but why not try something based in behavioral science.

Why be rational?

I was reading this article by Nancy Harhut for the Content Marketing Institute about different tactics that can improve audience response to emails. Her science-based recommendations are practical and achievable. 

"In fact, they are all based on behavioral science – the study of human action, of why people do what they do. And if there’s one thing behavioral scientists are sure of, it’s that people don’t always act rationally."

So why do we act irrationally so often? It's how we're wired.

“The truth is humans often rely on decision defaults – hardwired responses that we use without thinking. Some of these automatic behaviors can impact what people read, whom they trust, and when they buy.”

Who do you trust?

In addition to her helpful tips about temporal landmarks, inequity aversion, and input bias, to name a few, that mention of trust resonated with me:

"Some of these automatic behaviors can impact what people read, whom they trust, and when they buy.”

Trust is something you have to build over time. In fact, people are more likely to believe a person they know over a stranger or a faceless company.

But in the meantime, what’s a marketer to do to start finding new customers and lowering that barrier to purchase?

You can motivate the people who already trust you to “introduce” you to those who don’t. Make a small change to your emails, like adding a MeeWee link and copy that encourages customers to share to social media. It's a simple way to create and engage your customer brand advocates.

Why People Share

One behavior we often talk about here at MeeWee is why people share. The action usually comes down to one or a combination of these motivations:

  1. Self Interest: sharing because they think they will be rewarded
  2. Altruism: sharing makes them feel good
  3. Validation: sharing feeds the ego
  4. Affinity: sharing to feel more a part of the community

We always recommend keeping these motivations in mind when you’re writing your email copy. What would motivate your audience to advocate on your behalf? 

Some clients choose rewards, others an invitation to the community. 

It may vary by campaign. 

But try one to get started. 

It’s a small step that can make a big impact - on your motivation and your marketing.

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