Brand Affinity at your Fingertips

Activate customer brand advocates to grow your business and share your message

  • Thriving in the attention economy
  • Solving the authenticity problem
  • Creating a virtuous cycle

Brand advocates are marketing gold.

We’re not talking about your paid influencers, We’re talking about your loyal customers. The ones who are the living, breathing advertisements for products they love and brands they adore. These are your early adopters or your repeat buyers. They’re customers who take advantage of your insider sales or share referral codes with friends and family. These are the people who are not only buying your products, they’re talking about them.

So, what are you doing to delight these devoted customers - your Customer Brand Advocates (CBAs)?

How are you harnessing their energy to help amplify your message? Let’s look at why these customer brand advocates are so critical to your success, and map out a way they can authentically help you grow your business.

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