Customer engagement - a data point or community?

by Liz at MeeWee September 14th, 2020

How do you define customer engagement? 

Does it boil down to the dollar value of transactions they make? The number of touch points they encounter? Best intentions can be lost in the layers of distance we put between marketing goals and our valued customers.

In your marketing, are you creating opportunities for authentic interactions to build community or constructing a wall of apathy?

Many iterations of marketing automation sequences define paths to force our contacts to walk along. If customer X does Y then send them this email. Did they open? Yes or No? Then send them this email and so on and so on into complicated labyrinths of choose your own adventure content, only the customer did not choose this path through email purgatory. 

Earlier in my marketing days, I built many email sequences, enamoured with the potential of EFFICIENCY. GROWTH. And the promises of easier email marketing. Well, it turns out, customers didn’t want what we tried to force feed them, pushing them through our rigid marketing funnel. They wanted what they wanted how they wanted it.

When I actually listened, they told me what they preferred and how best to engage with them. It didn’t mean I had to stop trying new things, it meant I needed to have respect for my audience while introducing new products, content, campaigns, as so on. 

Some of my favorite automated emails series are the ones that are upfront with you. The “thanks for signing up for my newsletter/podcast/seminar/product, I’m going to send you a few emails over the next couple of days to show you around.”

I appreciate the transparency and know what I’m getting into. It’s the first step to building that trust with me as a consumer. And if the marketing team plays their cards right, I’m enjoying being a member of the community before I even realize I'm a part of it. 

So, as you engage with your customers, do you treat each like an accumulation of data points or as a valued member of the community?
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