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  • What is MeeWee? 

    MeeWee is a new SaaS application that solves age old marketing problems. It is an easy, speedy, and flexible customer advocacy solution helping you move the needle of customer engagement and acquisition.

  • Why is it important to make an emotional connection with my customers?

    MeeWee allows brands to build an emotional connection with its customers. In terms of their impact on revenue and profitability, customers who form an emotional attachment to a brand are 52% more valuable than those who are just highly satisfied.

  • Does MeeWee impact email deliverability?

    MeeWee does not have any negative impact on email deliverability.

  • How does MeeWee effect email performance?

    MeeWee increases email engagement (even for customers not sharing the offers).

  • How is MeeWee different from referral programs?  

    MeeWee allows content to stay fresh – offers and content can leverage the existing promotional calendar. Additionally, customers have higher engagement and loyalty to the brands. MeeWee is also easy for consumers to use and does not require any login or even an interstitial page.

  • Does MeeWee replace my influencer marketing program?

    Whether or not the brand continues with its influencer marketing programs is independent from using MeeWee. MeeWee delivers more authenticity and the brand controls the key messaging and the level of investment.

  • Is MeeWee an affiliate program?

    MeeWee drives brand discovery and does not require high cash investments – often 10%+ COGS. Successful MeeWee programs also become self-sustaining.

  • How do new privacy regulations impact MeeWee?

    MeeWee posts are 100% driven by your customers and not impacted by new privacy regulations. New regulations are making it harder for brands to target effectively and MeeWee is an antidote.

  • Where did the name MeeWee come from?

    MeeWee was developed to help build a virtuous circle between three stakeholders – the customer (me), their friends and followers (we), and the brands (us). There are unique benefits for each stakeholder only available with MeeWee.

  • How much time will it add to my email marketing program build?

    MeeWee links can be added into your email in under five minutes.

  • Do my customers need to register to use MeeWee?

    The customer simply clicks the MeeWee button and shares content naturally. There is no registration required.

  • Why do liquid expectations matter?   

    Consumers port expectations from one experience to another, regardless of the market. Your brand may not be a direct competitor to Netflix, Uber, or Airbnb but you are in a battle for the hearts of your customers. Savy brands provide customers with the stories, tools, and platforms for word-of-mouth sharing.

  • How do I get started? 

    MeeWee recommends starting small and growing the program over the first 10 weeks. To start, simply insert the links into current email creative and begin learning what offers your customers gravitate towards. Over time, adapt offers, segments, and rewards to optimize the program.

  • What is superfluidity of information and why should I care? 

    The concept of superfluidity of information comes from the study of attention economics. Simply put, consumers receive more information than they can process and the result is that brands need to find new ways to be authentic and top of mind.

  • Do I really need another martech/adtech solution?

    There are a lot of solutions, some good, some not so good, that brands turn to in an effort to keep pace. No solution is as radically simple nor delivers the unique benefits of MeeWee. 

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