“Hey, look. This brand is really great.”

by Liz at MeeWee October 1st, 2020

I see you, little mouse.

I love this cartoon by Liz Climo. I’m sure she wasn’t thinking about brand advocates when she created it, but it felt like she was speaking directly to me and our MeeWee blog followers.

We often say that if you create something worth sharing, people will talk about it. What brands do you promote, simply because you love what they make, what they discuss, or what they stand for?

Someone loves what your company is doing. Find them. 

Your customer brand advocates are already talking about you. They can be found commenting on social, posting reviews on your website and third-party platforms. They might also be leaving great feedback in customer service surveys. These people are at the heart of your business - a devoted audience that feels invested in your company, its message, and success. 

Welcome them into the community - and invite them to help. A percentage of them will willingly amplify your message, with or without a promise of reward, simply because they think you’re awesome. 

Let them.

Because we could all use an advocate saying, “Hey, look. This brand is really great.”

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