Patience is virtue, not a metric

by Liz at MeeWee

You have a great idea. Your product is awesome. Your brand story is on point. So, why aren’t you finding your audience? 

You may be on the right track, making small gains that you wish were exponential growth, and taking shuffle steps that you hoped would be giant leaps. 

A little patience is exactly what we need to create resonance with a devoted audience. Patience can be rewarded, but isn't usually part of your standard marketing metrics where you feel the push and pull of business demands. So how can you stay focused, create worthy content, and grow your audience? 

Consider the words of content marketing master Joe Pulizzi

“Deliver consistently. Be different. Don’t stop.”

Pulizzi shared this content marketing mantra while discussing the seemingly overnight sensation Twinsthenewtrend, twin brothers who film their reaction to hearing songs they've never listened to before. A video of them reacting to “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins went viral. 

Patience can be rewarded in both marketing and music:

"Viral happens after delivering valuable content for a long period of time. The twins have been producing videos for over a year. Many of their videos have just a few hundred views. And now, they’ve gone internet famous, and have amassed almost 400 thousand subscribers on YouTube. Deliver consistently. Be different. Don’t stop."

Overnight success is a myth. It only looks overnight to us, not the teams behind any product (whether it's reaction videos or beauty products)  who are toiling in relative obscurity until finding their resonance. 

Consistently great work gives your brand a fighting chance to be discovered, embraced, and celebrated.

Post by post, share by share, click by click, you're connecting to your small, but devoted audience. Plus providing a back catalog to devour if viral success is in your future. 

Be patient. Be persistent.

And watch what happens over time. 

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